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Promote local holidays which help the environment by reducing travelling, promoting education and healthy living and provide a connection to nature and the outdoors

Promote Movies, TV and books with relevant topics such as:

  • Organic Cooking - Selection of cooking books.
  • Organic Living - A selection of books on organic living.
  • Natural Healing - Selection of natural healing books.
  • Crocus - On-line gardening magazine with a good organic section.
  • Impact Publishing - Specialises in modern, practical guides to organic gardening, lifestyle choices and the environment. Their goal is to make these important topics accessible and rewarding for the widest range of people.
  • Naturally Better for You - Magazine about natural products, their benefits over conventional ones, and where to find them. Includes research about controversial ingredients in baby products and reviews of natural baby products.
  • New Consumer - New Consumer is a magazine with a difference - one that aims to support the movement that is providing the most effective response to global poverty and inequality.
  • Positive Health - Complementary medicine magazine.
  • Sustain Magazine - bridges that gap: as a bi-monthly B2B publication, it is dedicated to ensuring that public- and private-sector decision-makers are kept fully up to date in the field of sustainable development.
  • The Ecologist - Environmental magazine that covers a range of topical subjects and debates on everything from science to technology.
  • What Medicine - A subscription magazine that covers alternative and complementary therapies from conventional to the unusual.
  • Style Will Save Us - Style Will Save Us is the online magazine dedicated to all things cool, organic, eco-friendly, vintage and sustainable.


  • Artists encouraging organic living
  • Music connecting with an organic lifestyle
  • Organic instruments
  • Updated information on music festival, gatherings and promoting events on an organic lifestyle


  • Managing Sports Fields using Organic Materials
  • Improving Sports Performance the natural way
  • Organic Sportswear
  • Natural Sports Products
  • Organic Sports Drinks
  • Organic Sports Nutrition Supplements
  • Organic Sports Equipment